Time4Pets has a wide assortment of different talents within its Corporate structures through key management personnel and various T4P advisory board members. These individual talents when combined will create an extremely well-balanced and far reaching business enterprise that will be well equipped for the needs of pets and their guardians around the World. We know that there are many dozens of different types of pets all having their own unique needs, health concerns, and playful desires. T4P will use all current talents and all future talents that enter our T4P enterprises to improve pets lives everywhere to fullest extents possible. All T4P members share the common goal of making life better for pets both here at Home and also around our entire planet. We will be constantly recruiting more people to compliment our Teams of pets experts and pets enthusiasts.

Jeffrey Lynn Chamberlain is the current interim president and board chairman of our for-profit Time4pets Corporation. Jeff has had the opportunities of creating the pitch deck and much of the private website materials.  Jeff is a prolific inventor throughout multiple consumer sectors who has conceptually made many hundreds of inventions. He has one patent US 9,161,517 and has many more pending for the pets industry. He has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri at Columbia (Missouri University). Jeff has consulted for an inventions development corporation and has conceptually refined more than 200 inventions which he will pursue once he has the necessary funds to begin their developmental processes.
Bruce Allen Kerill
Bruce Allen Kerill is the current treasurer and founding board member of our for-profit Time4Pets Corporation. Bruce has had the opportunities of recruiting most of our advisory board members using his elevated social and business skills during the past nine months. Bruce is a prolific inventor who has multiple design patents within multiple economic sectors with more patents pending. He is a born social leader who makes all people willing to assist our T4P venture. Bruce has a high school diploma and has worked his entire life since he was eight years old. He has fully learned the worth of hard work and has developed a special bond with all those who have also worked hard to obtain their own personal means. He is now retired and devoted full time to being our T4P Treasurer / Board Member.   
Tim (Seokboem) Jang 
Tim (Seokboem) Jang is the current secretary and founding board member of our for-profit Time4Pets corporation. Tim is a full time high school student (senior) who developed advanced robotics skills to become a vex robotics champion at the global levels. Tim is also an autodesk cad and 3d modeling expert. He has taken numerous engineering and computer sciences courses offered through his highschool. Tim has an autodesk cad inventor license and has helped many people and groups with his 3d modeling abilities. Tim has helped co-invent some of these pets products within Time4Pets. He plans upon pursuing mechanical engineering and also art/product design in his higher education beginning soon. He has long term plans for Time4Pets after the college years by enhancing his technical inventiveness.   
Eddie Lawrence Cressy
Eddie Lawrence Cressy is currently a founding T4P Board Member in our for-profit Time4Pets corporation. Eddie has a true hands-on approach to inventing by making all designs and prototypes through his own efforts whenever possible. He has a strong mechanical background and loves using his hands forming prototypes. He is a 1980 high school graduate of Granada Hills high school. He is a power plant mechanic currently within the department of water resources. Eddie has several hobbies requiring the use of his hands repairing classic automobiles, gardening, carpentry, masonry, etc. His many inventions fall within the computer, automotive, household, and pet products categories. Eddie is always available for any type of consultation around making prototypes. He has long term desires within Time4Pets.
Andres Eden Vargas Maldonado
Andres Eden Vargas Maldonado is currently a founding T4P Board Member within our for-profit Time4Pets corporation. Eden has a university masters degree within industrial design and has recently been selected for the doctorate program at his university. His degree has a focus in aerospace engineering. He has worked in industrial design for 7+ years developing products from concepts to prototype. He is a 3d cad and printing specialist with a soft spot for the “maker” movement. He currently runs the industrial design program for Baja California State University and is co-founder of his own IXKO industrial design company within Mexico. Eden is our technical adviser and co-inventor of some of our pets products currently in our Time4Pets corporation. Eden plans to coach all our Time4Pets design divisions. 
Alan Arthur tratner is currently the lead advisory member within our for-profit Time4Pets corporation. Alan has helped tremendously in guiding Time4Pets within  our corporate structuring and funding processes. Alan has been involved with thousands of inventions and their various developments. He continuously creates businesses in all sectors of the economy. He owns multiple inventions in various  economic sectors. He has received environmental protection awards from all presidents since John F. Kennedy. He has been featured on many tv shows and has had his own radio talk show discussing environmental ways of generating wealth  while protecting nature. He developed many environmental non-profits including Green2Gold that has assisted thousands of inventors & businesses with inventions.   
Dr. Mondrian Contreras
Dr. Mondrian Contreras graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. He completed his internship at VCA Aurora / Berwyn Animal Hospital in 2011, after which he accepted an associate veterinarian position at Carol Stream Animal Hospital and became practice owner in 2015. Dr. Contreras has a passion for teaching and is a member of Junior Achievement and the CVMA, and he regularly gives lectures about his profession all across Illinois and writes articles covering a variety of animal health related topics for Batavia Living Magazine. He writes children books and has created video series to teach people how to best take care of their pets. Dr. Contreras is an extremely involved member of his community and hosts an annual Charity Dog Show event which helps raise money for people undergoing various hardship by providing some financial medical assistance for their pets. Having been a collegiate athlete at the University of Illinois for 4 years (Football), Dr. Contreras is a very active alumni and loves taking Bridget, his wife, and their four children, Matisse, Thomas, Khalil, and Aurelia, to Fighting Illinois sporting events whenever possible. Dr. Contreras has accepted his role as our T4P International Advisory Board Member and is committed to the further developments of Time4Pets throughout the World.
Dr. Elaine McCarthy
Dr. Elaine McCarthy is a graduate from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. She was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and is the youngest of 5 sisters. Elaine went to Purdue for 8 years for both her Undergraduate and Veterinary degrees. She fully enjoys hiking, traveling, playing games with her family and friends, and dabbling in the arts. Dr. McCarthy now resides in Carol Stream where she is truly excited to grow her own Veterinary Career!! She had a beloved family of kitties when she was just a child and still loves all kitties to this day.  
Dr. Robbie Unsell
Dr. Robbie Unsell graduated from the Royal Veterinary College within London, United Kingdom and is a 
Member of the Royal College for all Veterinary Surgeons. He has been a general practicing veterinarian in 
Salem, OR and Edwardsville, IL. He recently is practicing in emergency medicine within Collinsville, IL. Dr. 
Unsell has true interests in internal medicine, dermatology, and client communication. He grew up on the Metro East suburbs of Saint Louis, MO and attended Grinnell College. He now resides in the Chicago area 
with his wife an AVMA veterinarian.
Dr. Todd Florian
Dr. Todd Florian is a 1992 graduate of the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Florian began practice at Worth Animal Hospital, Palos Hills. After working 12 years as associate and senior associate veterinarian, he opened State Street Animal Hospital, a small practice within Lemont. Dr. Florian says it is important to take an active role in organized veterinary medicine in order to shape our profession and be a voice for the patients and the clients we serve. Over the years, he has serviced on the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Board of Directors, CVMA Public Education Committee, the ISVMA Board of Directors and Legislative Committee as well as serving the secretary of the Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation. Dr. Florian has pioneered and is running a Mobile Veterinarian Service so that he can bring veterinarian services to places that do not have fixed and affordable pets medical services. He is adamant about seeing that all pets who need medical attention will be able to receive such attention at an affordable price or for free where inability to pay is encountered. Dr. Florian has a strong background in ER services where he has treated thousands of animals over the years where life and death was at risk. Dr. Florian will be our ER Advisory Board Member bringing invaluable veterinary experiences into Time4Pets.
Ben A. Goodin, J.D.
Ben A. Goodin, J.D. is a semi-retired Corporate Attorney who has practiced Trial Law for more than (55) years. Ben received his B.A. from John Hopkins - Westminster in 1965 and attended Saint Louis School of Law shortly thereafter. Ben was an athlete within College playing football. Ben continued after College as a professional skier and large yacht (sail) owner and sailor. He was active in several family-owned businesses from a young age until the merger of these major businesses with Walmart in 1970-71. Ben gained experiences in management, marketing, and legal representations. He began his legal career as an Associate Attorney within a prominent national practice Minnesota Firm representing exclusively Fortune 500 Companies. After their Senior Partner died, Ben moved to Chicago and joined a firm that handled a very famous case which he completed resulting in Ben being recognized as an expert in a large part of educational law. His expertise grew and his own practice prospered with the leading U.S. national practice educational law firm asking him to join them as Director where he became a large case trial Attorney trying cases before the U.S. Federal Courts and even before the U.S. Supreme Court on two occasions. Ben will advise Time4Pets as our own Corporate Legal Advisory Board Member. 
Sandy Lipkin, esq.
Sandy Lipkin is now a fully licensed attorney in California since 2002 and has been licensed with USPTO as a patent agent since 2000. Previously, Sandy was a Senior R&D chemist for a silicone manufacturer within Santa Barbara. She began private practice in 2003 inspired daily by the courage and creativity of all her legal clients. Sandy is a mother, artist, a musician, advocate for all people with special needs, and regular yoga practitioner. Sandy will benefit T4P as an Advisor for IP issues and other legal matters.
Ro Dominguez
Ro Dominguez is a professional dog groomer and owner of the business Chariot of the Dogs. Ro has enjoyed working with animals his entire life from early childhood. Ro worked for a clinic after completing High School where he became interested in dog grooming. He attended the Midwest School of Dog Grooming. He taught at this School after graduation for 3 years. In 1987, Ro opened the doors of his Chariot of the Dogs grooming business. Ro will lend his grooming expertise to our T4P Advisory Board.
Ted Schramer
Ted Schramer grew up on a working farm in West Chicago and has been a Farm Bureau Member and involved in the 4H Club for many years. He is an Inventor with a knack for animals expressed by several Veterinarians. Even with a disability Ted is always working on Inventing while working with animals. He has a heart of gold when working with any animal and has stated that working with animals can be more rewarding than working with people. Ted has Multiple Pets Inventions for Our Time4Pets Family.
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